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Elite Avant

Our professional carom table Elite was choosed many times for the Three Cushions Carom World Championships. Dani Sánchez, the Spanish billiards player more prominent in history, practices on this table. He is the current World Champion (for the fourth time) and was three times World Cup Champion of three cushions carom billiards, among other titles.

In his own words, playing on an Elite table “you can feel its behaviours performance sweetness, accuracy and pedigree. The player gains confidence and calmness enabling development of greater skills”. Little else we can add to these comments, from a player with such a great experience.

The Elite table from SAM is manufactured in Grand Match size (playing dim. of 2,84 x 1,42 m.), with a 50 mm. thick slate diamond honned by SAM, its surface is heated for the optimum playing temperature and its weight reaches 1.100 kg.


Please ask us without obligation about the possibilities of installing this table in your available space.


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